Tuesday, July 31, 2007

North Carolina

We made it finally to Asheville. We are at John and Anja's place. It is rad. Yesterday was full of Driving!! Man alive, we drove for about ten hours! It was one of the most beautiful rides ever. We Traveled through deep green valleys and the mountains rose like sentinels on both side getting ever more impressive. The views were absolutely breath taking. I know it sounds corny but land like this is what makes men corny and in love. Missy and I are having a great time together, laughing a lot and making up personalities to use at truck stops. "Yo, Dude... Pop a wheelie! We want bis-cuts!" We stopped at a few road-side over looks that we marked. i was just about to post an image but I think all our photos just got erased!! Yikes. Any way still having a stellar time!

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