Saturday, July 11, 2009

Almost there!

36 weeks and counting the days!!!!!!
So we have the nursery set up. We decided on a nautical theme. We like anchors and sail boats in a sort of 1920's privateer sort of fashion. (not like the joann fabrics light house thing. YUCK.) Our buddy Isaac got us an original page from Sammy Harkhams amazing comic Poor Sailor. That is hands down our favorite comic. If you didn't know I am a little bit of a comic nerd.

Check out what Josie was doing the other day when we were watching a movie! I think that part sticking out is her head or butt. She had been transverse but now She is in the right position, head down! NICE WORK JOSIE!

Here are just some of the cool things we got. I can't find the photos I took on the day... I will try to find more form the GNar-B-Que Baby shower.

So anyway, our birthing class is kinda a drag. I like the info and the instructors are nice and everything but the whole awkward atmosphere with the other parents is out of control. There is nothing we have in common with any of them. I really wish there where more cool parents for us to hang with. I mean shit, where are all the punk rock moms and dads? or at least free thinking. There are some cool parents here in Oswego but for some reason I feel strange talking with them about parenthood before Josie is born. There is this dude John S. who has five kids. We used to hang out in Oswego back in the day when we would spend our days looking cool and drinking TONS of coffee at Perkins. (Eternal Coffee mug!). Now, he is a cool dad. He is so patient and calm. After I got back from college We met back up in Oswego and I remember being really impressed. I think I am a pretty calm dude and I hope I can keep it together like that. His kids are crazy and awesome. His wife is really cool too. I wish they were in our class.
I think Missy and I are going to start a radical parenting monthly potluck. I am not sure what that will entail except that we will get together with some of our parenting friends and talk about raising rad kids. I think there are about Six or seven cool parents that I want to get this started with.

Also, lately I have been thinking about how perfect a system birth is. I mean, the fact that breasts produce colostrum that helps the baby's immune system is awesome. Breast milk is free food so no matter what the baby can eat as long as mom is in the vicinity. pregnancy last so many months to create another living human also helps us to understand the gravity of what is about to happen to your life. This shit is permanent! Its like a tattoo that you have to feed! Ha! Or having a puppy that slowly learns to talk! Or y'know a life altering manifestation of you and your partners DNA that brings with her or him a demanding responsibility, huge bills that you are not ready for, tons of peripheral gear, an entire new set of skills that you have to learn how master and implement, and this little person has ability to learn how to speak to say "mama and papa", "school sucks" and "this band rules".
I think so far the most profound thought to me has been that from nothing, from the amorphous realm of sheer possibility there comes this person. A thinking breathing person that will eventually have brand new ideas to contribute to the human race. She will think of things I have never thought of and that Melissa has never thought of. That blows me away!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wow this is gonna be so Awesome!

Things have been going really great! Melissa has been getting sick more and peeing a bunch. We have been taking classes and getting ready for the chaos! We had a family baby shower and a friend coed baby shower. We got soooo much stuff. It has been really great feeling the support and love that everyone has shown us.

Wow this is gonna be so Awesome