Tuesday, July 24, 2007


This blog is for our friends and family. We wanted to have a central place to recount our adventures across America as we go.
We will post as often as we can, however, there are some stretches of the road where it will be difficult to get to a computer, so we will have to play it by ear.
Here is the itinerary as we have it planned now:

July 25-27th
NYC- to see Coney Island before the big renovation

July 27-30th
Butler PA- for CHRIS ROTAS WEDDING!!!!!!

July 30-Aug 1st
Ashville NC- to hang with John Schriner!!

Aug 2-4th
New Orleans LA- to party with Molly And Paul

Aug 4-7th
Houston TX- gonna see the familia

Aug 7-9th
San Antonio TX-Visit Familia and take in Market Square

Aug 9-10th
Roswell NM- Aliens central

Aug 10-11th
Santa Fe NM- Missy's birthday!! Art, Holy sand, Anasazi ruins!

Aug 11-12th
Holbrook Az- Painted desert, Petrified Forest, meteor crater

Las Vegas NV- see family stay with Babette (renew wedding vows?)

Aug 13-15
San Fransisco CA- Ocean Pacific!!!!! Art central!!

Redwood Forest CA- Camping and relaxation!

Aug 17-18th
Portland OR- Hang out with the legendary Jody (and begin the long trek back home.)

Aug 18-19th
Spokane WA- camp and see the biggest radio flyer wagon in the world

Aug 19-20
Missoula MT- visit the transplanted "Fist of Oswego" NY Maya Froebig

Aug 20th-21st
Greybull WY- Yellowstone then camping! stargazing date.

Aug 21-22
The Badlands SD- Back to the most amazing landscape in America

Aug 22-24
Maple Plain MN- visit with family and see the fields of windmills!

Chigaco IL- Finally feel the Illanoise! Friends! Visit the illustrious Sara Jean!!

August 26th is the last leg of the lasso around America we arrive home late.

We will be trying to send postcards along the way

Also many thanks to our friends and family for your kind words, love and support!

(Donations of Gas cards and Cash are being accepted to assist us in discovering the true America that lay beyond the grasp of a single place. Our hope is to see into the beating heart of our country and rekindle our love for her. We live in freedom and feel comfortable in her borders but we have seen prescious little of our dear America. We decided it was time to throw caution to the wind and find out for our selves what is out there. Wish us luck!)

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