Saturday, August 4, 2007

Texas After New Orleans

Just pulled into Texas. It is really good to see my family. My gramma is so awesome!!she is the sweetest person.
First of all Claksdale and Rosedale were both sort of desolate and appropriate. The Crossroads was marked by little more than a telephone pole with some guitars on it. The intersection was cluttered with commercial properties like Churches chicken a gas station and a furniture store. But the Bar-b-que joint around the corner called Abes smelled really good and the people were really nice. In fact every one we ran it to in Mississippi was so kind.
Later we headed to New Orleans and at first I loved it. Then I realized how much it smelled in the French Quarter. After walking around a while we got really tired and Really Hott!! Then we fell in love with it again when Molly and Paul took us around to these smokey bars with gypsy hobo music. It was positively Magical. there is a lot of punkers with suspenders and 1920's style. Basicly I love New Orleans. There was such a mix of people. Old black dudes playing pool and dancing, young Mexicans trying to pick up girls, Punkers, train hoppers, dread heads, and a couple of tucked in shirt guys.
There was a sharp pang of sorrow in my heart when we left. Missy and I started writing a road song about our expeirences.
See yall somewhere down the line!


jchapman said...

glad things are awesome.

but it's also true that:
i waaaaaant my friends back.

Anonymous said...

More updates!!!

Anonymous said...

much love from asheville, nc
we miss you all!