Thursday, July 26, 2007

First stop

Ok we did it. The first stop was just as amazing as we thought it would be. Coney Island is every bit the cultural epicenter we imagened. It was full of people of every different creed and languge.
We put our feet in the water and saw a freakshow. Missy pulled the nail from one of the guy's nose it was totally gross.
We saw a jelly fish and people fishing for crabs with chicken.
Missy had a peanut butter apple with nuts and I had a nathans chilli dog becoming part of the long tradition of beach-goers that must partake in such things no matter how dorky they are. We become part of something larger than ourselves, Somthing the millions of immigrants who entered this country so long or not so long ago were serching for. The hope of America seems just at our fingertips but perhaps just out of our grasp at present. Today on the boardwalk I had a sense of it but I knew it was only a small piece of the grander whole.
The charm of old Coney Island will be missed. It is a shame about all the renovation that is going to happen here in the next couple of months but i guess that besides Coney Is. it self, change is just as much a staple of New York.

We will try to get some pictures up soon but we forgot the chord to our camera so we will have to make due.

love and rockets
the Valenzuelas

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