Friday, May 22, 2009


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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

oh these long years that drift silently after us

Ok so it has been a long time. I have a video podcast thing that I made but the new fire wire input on my mac is not the same as the firewire I have soooooo... I am going to redo it very soon perhaps later tonight.
Things are going well. Our little baby girl is swimming all around in Melissa's uterus. Not only can I feel her move and KICK, we can both see her move and kick. We went to the doctors again and heard her heart beating. as always it was awesome. We are at 28 weeks and we are now to the point where we start going to the doc every two weeks instead of every month. We will go back this friday which will mark week 29.
WOW. shit is getting REAL. Number one, 11 weeks till GO TIME! and number two Melissa has been having braxton hicks. Now if yall don't know what that means here is a brief description:
~Braxton Hick contractions are painless tightenings of the uterus. They are named after the doctor who discovered them in 1872. You’ll notice them as your belly gets harder. Often, only a part of your belly will get hard--the top or bottom or one of the sides. These contractions are usually not painful, though they can be uncomfortable.

Braxton Hick contractions are sometimes called ‘false labor’ or ‘pre-labor’ contractions. They are a normal part of pregnancy and nothing to be concerned about.

Anyway, Melissa walks up to me and I do my normal kiss her belly and I noticed it was kind of hard. She said she noticed it earlier and my mind raced. What does this mean? Is something wrong? Is it a contraction?
I also vaguely recalled the term braxton hick. Melissa guessed that that is what is was. I did some internet searches and found a few source that seemed to describe it perfectly as braxton hicks. I was still a little worried so I urged Meilssa to call the doc.
She called them and had to have them call her back and they confirmed that the tightening was very likely Braxton hicks contrations. I was relieved and reassured. There is so much worry tied into having a child. I have never worried so much about anything. I can sort of feel the change in the middle distance where my life splits in half. One of the bisections is my life and the other is that of our baby. If I where a younger version of myself I might take issue with it this new double life but I am pushing 30 and I feel good. My wife is beautiful and my best friend, our baby is growing and healthy, it will be summer soon enough and I have a good group of friends. Also some other big news Melissa just got tenure at the school she has been teaching at!! It went to the school board last night and will be effective September first.
I am going to keep this one short and try to make a video later tonight and perhaps we can get into some other fun plans for the future.
Good luck and be safe.