Monday, August 9, 2010


So I t has been much too long but here I am getting ready for baby bird's fist birthday! She took her first steps the the other day and it was of course awesome. Her hair is out of control flowing madly in every directions little curls in the wind. She is saying mama and dada and bananananananana and kitty. All vital information for here to be able to communicate. Our little birdy has five teeth. The two top ones have a little gap that is so endearing when she smiles big. Melissa and I have been truly enjoying having the summer off being able to hang out and spend a lot of uninterrupted time with her. Both her and I are not looking forward to going back to work. I think it will be particularly hard on Melissa. We have been reading to here and she seems to love books not only for the bright pictures but also the funny sound they make when torn. We have taken her to a few art shows and that has been cool and I feel like we need to take her to experience more things. Although i do not agree with the Zoo we took here to the one in Syracuse and she seem to really enjoy it. She got to pet the elephant and she didn't bat an eyelash. But like I said I don't like zoos so I don't think we will be going back there. There are some animal sanctuary places around I think that kids can pet and feed animals.
Melissa and I don't have any land to garden on so we decided to grow plants on the porch and that has been going ok. we have harvested basil and that is about it. we have tomato plants but no tomatoes. There is one bell pepper that is still ripening and carrots that are VERY small. I still have a lot to learn about container gardens. I think the main thing there is that there is really not enough sunlight. I can't wait to move to someplace with some sun. Birdy likes to go hang out on the porch while we water the plants. Porch time is family time. We have also been getting ready for some craft markets were we will be set up as Team Valenzuela we will be selling my paintings, Melissa's photos, stuffed mustache neck pillows and quilted paper. Maybe some actual quilts/ sh'blankets (quilt made from layered sheets) well see how much we actually get made.