Sunday, February 10, 2013

Planning and making

Team Valenzuela is making stuff and planning our year of crafting and art making. I got a new scroll saw and I love it. I have been cutting wooden shapes and just generally learning how to use it. It is hard enough with a jigsaw so I figured I should just get a scroll to make things easier on my self.
I have been spending lots of time with my little bird lately because of some health issues with her great gramma(Nana, is feeling better now). That has given us a chance to make movies art and the other day we made these awesome wings just for fun. They really didn't take that long. Melissa was at work so we had to wait for her to get home to sew them up. She is a much more skilled sew-er than I am.
Also another thing is that I have been meeting up with some other crafters that are sort of in the same boat as I am building a small business in order to not have to get a real job. I have found it to be so helpful and invigorating. We have been setting goals for each other and keeping each other on task. I am now in the process of organizing my home studio and it is a real challenge. Every thing that was not cube like ended up in that room so stacking everything is out of the question. I am just purging lots of junk and not assigning sentimental value to things that don't deserve it. CLEAN! it feels really good to be amble to COMMIT to my business and my art. Luckily I have been doing very well have a nice lump of real cash to invest and I don't necessarily need it at the moment. we have lots of new hand crafted stuff to unveil in the next few weeks. Thanks for reading and BE WELL.