Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2 months full of color

So Josie has been alive for two months and I have never been happier in my life. When I hold her I think this is how it is supposed to be. I feels just natural. Sleep is a getting better all the time. she sleeps longer in the night but her night does not start till about 3 in the morning. She has been to the docs a few times and she is going again today. She has Acid reflux that seems to really bug her. Last night was especially hectic. No fever or anything but we are going to taker her in just to play it safe. I think she will be fine. perhaps we just have to give her more zantac or something. She is growing after all and the dose will most likely go up because of that.
This month is outrageously over booked. I have been printing like crazy with Isaac and Teddy. I have been real absent this week and even though it is only tuesday I know that every night till sunday i will be running around arranging shows and printing. Saturday I got my tattoo of a sparrow and then we went to Pumpkin Fest. That was both awesome and nerve racking. It was nerve racking because it was pretty loud and there was about 300 people packed into a small park. then we saw all sorts of buddies and that was cool cause they all had their kids. It gave me this sort of feeling of being part of the grand tradition of cool parents. all these cool kids eventually turn into cool adults and some of them become cool parents. Sunday I printed envelopes for some new art books that my buddy and I finished last week. Then last night I helped said buddy print an art print. Tonight I print a show poster with Teddy. Wednesday I get to go to a show in Rochester (Gaslight Anthem, Loved Ones and Murder By Death!!). Then Thursday I have to go drop work off at the Gear Factory space in Syracuse and the hang the show at the Art Association. Saturday both shows open so I will be doing a double shift. Then finally on Sunday we are having family day. Then insanity starts again to get ready for the Indie Series and the Salt City Urban Craft Fair. Yikes!
I know this is putting a lot of pressure on Melissa. My hope is that by doing this I can make some much needed extra scratch. Money is tight and selling work has never been more important. The major events this month got planned before Josie was born so I am making a not never to plan like this again. There are four major events that are happening this month, five if you count Halloween and six if you count the book release. Live and learn. In the past October has always been crazy but it is as if I packed about a million times more shit into it this year that before. I love halloween but I will be glad when October is over.
More later......

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