Saturday, March 14, 2009

Templar's Kaleidoscope

So It has been a little while and everything is going great! Melissa and I have gone out and bought a few things and that was really great. I mean it is a bit uncomfortable to admit this but I got a little misty when we were looking at tiny clothes.
So here is the run down. We have been reading all the literature and making a birth plan IE figuring out who will be in the room when, talking about C-section or how we would like to avoid it as best we can however an emergency obviously we would do, breast feeding, Baby proofing the apartment(togetherment), Melissa would like to avoid drugs during labor, what stuff we will bring with us to the hospital and all sorts of other stuff. Also we are thinking about cord blood! I never knew about this but the cord blood is rich with stem cells that can be used for science and treating leukemia and shit. What!? So apparently you can donate this blood to a cord blood bank or have a personal cash of this stuff for whenever you may need it. It seems sort of weird like it could be used for cloning and what-not. I not really into the idea of some mad scientist making an army of Valenzuelas that could be used for world domination but I am into helping out leukemia patients so that is still sort of up in the air.
We went to the doc on Friday which happens to be FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!! We were told that every thing is right on target for where we should be at 19weeks!! The half way mark is just around the bend!! Holy Crap! We had another sonogram as you can see when you scroll down. We could see our little flying fish wiggling and moving. We could see her mouth moving. We could tell she was telling stories. most likely she will be a storyteller just like her old man. Of course you may have figured it out.... turns out we are having a LITTLE BABY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We could pretty much tell for sure. So yeah I am going to have to get a GUN. I will now have to worry about every nasty boy in the world. FUCK! She will be tuff. She will probably be able to take care of her self. I think I am beginning to understand the magnitude of worry that plagues most parents. Holy shit I am going to be A PARENT! AHHH! That word seems so foreign. I feel like every day I get a little deeper understanding of what is about to transpire and change my very world. It will and already has rattled my core and shook my foundations. What awaits on the other side of birth is like a different dimension or like a parallel universe. Like all the same pieces and people of my life are shaken like a kaleidoscope to form a whole new pattern. Everything is familiar but has new meaning and new consequences.
Missy and I have been talking a lot about our hopes and dreams for our child. I would like it if she was a scientist. That is just me though. Perhaps an athlete or a teacher, a artist or an engineer. What ever she will be I hope for her to be smarter and more creative that we are. I am sure we will have much to be proud of whatever she becomes as long as she is happy and healthy.
Thats all for now. Thanks for reading!


Kelly said...

I want to give your baby a high five!!!

Rich said...

AHHHHH! Another warrior in the world!